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Career Management Solution

Career Mapping and  Career Pathing 

Our systematic approach to sustainable career planning, enables employees to map multiple career path scenarios, review job descriptions, accountabilities and minimum requirements. Our unique platform is powered by an Artificial Intelligence engine that helps employees identify the most natural career path based on their own skills, experience and preference. 


Lack of career progression has been identified as a major factor in reducing employee engagement. By giving the employees the visibility on what their natural career path is, along with step by step development plans, employees will feel empowered and build a deeper knowledge about different organisation's jobs synergies and responsibilities.

Our platform is built around the principle of sustainability. We encourage multi-directional movement across the organisation. It offers organisations and employees more realistic guidelines to manage talent mobility across the different departments without being restrained by narrow pipelines.


We believe that our career management solution is a proven strategy that assists organisations to retain and engage employees. It also offers employees the opportunity to enrich their career experience and build a stronger profession profile for present and future success.


Role description

Users can view their own job description and their desired role's accountabilities, required experience, qualification, competencies and the learning road map to build job capabilities.

AmPowered ME and Career Pathing Tool

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