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Those with high emotional intelligence are aware of both their emotions and the emotions of others. And—with that understanding—they manage their reactions and create positive interactions. It’s a competency that leads to success both inside and outside the office, and for leaders, it’s a necessary skill to develop.

In this lesson, you’ll learn about emotional intelligence and its two categories: personal competence and social competence. Then, you’ll learn why emotional intelligence is essential for leadership success.


By the end of this program you will :

  1. understanding how external stimuli can influence your internal reality through Self Awareness.
  2. Learn five strategies you can practice to improve your self-regulation skills. 
  3. Develop and strengthen your self-motivation
  4. Develop empathy for others
  5. Enhance your social skills in seven steps

Emotional Intelligence

  • This program can be accessed through our dedicated portal. Access is available for 1 year.

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