Career Preparation Program



Computer Learning

As an Employer you will sustain your Employer Value Proposition and  

safeguard your Brand in order to remain an employer of choice after the Covid-19 crisis.


  • Connect and engage your employees

  • Offer practical tools to increase employee motivation

  • Add empathy and support in your communication

  • Develop transferrable skills that will serve the new tomorrow

  • Gain brand equity to spend post Covid19 era

As an Employee you will gain the knowledge and skills to discover and activate your potential and become the most suitable candidate to secure future job opportunities.

  • Discover and leverage your hidden talents

  • Enhance and showcase your professional brand

  • Use your strengths, values and career preferences to fine tune your efforts

  • Have greater clarity about your next career move

  • Gain confidence when applying for a job

  • Be ready to conquer the post Covid-19 job market

Program Structure

Self Discovery
  • Discover my Strengths

  • Discover my career

  • Discover my core values

  • Losing my job! what's next?

  • Growth mindset

  • Overcome fear of failure

  • How to search for a job

  • Interviewing preparation

  • Mastering my pitch

  • Leveraging my network

  • Driving Your career

  • Create my development plan

  • Personal Brand

  • Write my resume

  • Professional cover letter

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