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This Competencies Development Toolkit has been designed to provide professional with guidance on how to develop behaviours and skill, through a variety of methods including formal training, on the job development, Videos and reading references. The Guide will help you create a personal development plan tailored to your individual needs. It offers advice on the type of development activities available to you in your current job, and also helps you to identify how you can develop in areas that are not tested in your daily work environment. A wide range of suggestions are offered, with the goal of allowing you to select those developmental activities which suit your particular development needs and learning style, enabling you to build a more personalized, targeted development plan. This is an interactive program that is easy to navigate through and you can access it on the go from your mobile device, laptops and tablet.

As a bonus, this package includes an step by step guide for both line managers and individuals that guides you with how to engage in the crucial conversations (Career, reward, check-in, and difficult conversations)

Competencies Development Toolkit

  • This toolkit can be accessed through our dedicated portal and all access for a period of 1 year

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