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Ampowered Talent Assessment Tool

Our talent assessment solutions are bias free, cost effective and accelerate your hiring decisions.

Choose the ideal assessment name, handpick tests tailored to the role, and personalise with your own custom questions.
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Talent Test

Elevate Your Hiring Game with 1000+ Precision Tests!

Explore 1000+ curated tests on our advanced platform. Assess candidates for job-specific and general skills. Dive into personality, aptitude, and culture fit tests for comprehensive insights.


Customize tests effortlessly for informed hiring decisions, reshaping your approach to find the perfect fit for your team.

Efficient Hiring, Exceptional Talent: No More Resume Hassles!

Say goodbye to wasted time on resume screening and pre-qualifying interviews. With our automated grading and ranking system, you can enjoy a quality cup of coffee while watching video responses to custom questions.


Streamline your screening process, and focus on the top candidates for the job effortlessly.

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All Hands In
All Hands In

Eliminate Unconscious Bias for Optimal Team Performance

Experience the power of diversity with Ampowered. Provide every applicant with an unbiased opportunity to showcase their abilities. This guarantees access to the finest talent from all walks of life.

Tailor Your Testing Journey Using Ampowered's
White-Label Option

By opting for Ampowered White Label, you can redesign our platform to align seamlessly with your company's Brand. This empowers you to deliver a polished and cohesive testing experience to both clients and team members, all while maintaining complete control over your brand identity.

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Unlock Invaluable Talent without Breaking the Bank

Finding top talent doesn't have to be expensive. Ampowered ensures an affordable solution, sparing you the costs of a time-consuming screening process and the pains of mis-hires. Enjoy a substantial return on investment year after year.

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